Kaleidoscope (2018)


Kaleidoscope (2018)


Feat. Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

Kaleidoscope is an electro-acoustic piece that seeks to explore in an interactive way, contrasting sound sources that are reflected, refracted in varying sonic patterns. It takes inspiration from the analog toy of the same name: a kaleidoscope is literally:

“A toy consisting of a tube containing mirrors and pieces of coloured glass, whose reflections produce changing patterns when the tube is rotated.”

Just a note that most of the sounds you hear in this piece are all created from live sampling of organic sonic material. Synths made out of engine drones, kick drums made out of foot stomps, etc. Some of which were created together with the students from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School from everyday objects.


Intro "Like a ritual"

This introduction features 6 performers beginning the 'ritual' with an E minor natural scale. These 6 performers are playing a midi keyboard that is triggering a custom sampled instrument made out of a drone from a faulty aircon. Although they are playing the same E minor natural scale, they all have different entry points, hence creating a layered texture that builds up in terms of harmony and tension.

Song 1

"Song 1" (working title) then begins with Theemptybluesky taking over from the 'ritual' introduction, with atmospheric synth-like sonic textures. With the introduction of a kick-drum-like constant beat, the main refrain of the song kicks in, this is where the 6 instrumentalists join in (pipa, guitar X2, Voice X2, dizi)

Kaleidoscope Song 1 Score (2018).jpg