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Theemptybluesky Profile Shot 1 (SD).jpg




Aphelion (2018)

Press Kit

Set length: 40-60 mins
Venue: Suitable for indoor & outdoor
Tech: Speakers, Projector(s), Screen(s), Lights
(please see tech rider below)

Theemptybluesky’s (Mervin Wong) full length debut Aphelion takes the listener into a deep enchanting journey that crosses dimensions. An album meant for deep listening, with its dense and intricate textures and an unconscious everlasting flow, Aphelion surprises with each re-listening.

For the live performance set, Theemptybluesky is joined by the visuals of collaborator Ryan Benjamin Lee. Ryan’s method mirrors Mervin’s production, generating a plethora of visuals, sometimes ethereal, sometimes grungy, sometimes wacky that accompany the audience on this journey.

Photographs by Emilea Teo and Junyi Yong

Technical Rider

Requested Equipment

  • X2 PA Speakers (stereo pair) / or house speakers
  • X2 Wedge Monitors 
  • X2 Projection Screens with or w/o stands
  • X2 Projectors (approximately 5000 lumens each, depending on venue & stage size)
  • X2 VGA cables of adequate length
  • X1 Table approximately 1.2m by 0.6m and 0.87m tall (placed at the position of Theemptybluesky)
  • X1 Dynamic microphone with mic stand (to be connected to Theemptybluesky's audio interface)
  • X3 13A powerpoint plugs for performance equipment

Equipment to be brought by Theemptybluesky

  • Laptop
  • VGA/HDMI Adaptors
  • Audio Interface (KA6) - (main outputs are X2 1/4 inch TRS balanced)
  • Midi Controller Instruments
  • Other miscellaneous instruments/equipment