Seed for 2019 Performers(') Present


Seed for 2019 Performers(') Present


A performative installation by Theemptybluesky (Mervin Wong)

Seed is a performative installation involving the juxtaposition of sonic worlds, both analog and digital as Theemptybluesky (Mervin Wong) explores a uniquely different approach to the craft of sonic art and performance.

The first iteration of Seed was premiered live at the ArtScience Museum on 21 March 2019 as part of a collaboration between T’ang Quartet, Open Score Project, and Theemptybluesky for the museum’s exhibition, Minimalism: Space. Light. Object.. Using a choreographic approach to sound, Mervin draws inspiration from various genres of performative practices to work with the musicians (Leslie & Lionel Tan from the T’ang Quartet Syafiqah ‘Adha, Gildon Choo, Rozie Hoong & Wang Jin from Open Score Project).

Since then, Mervin is embarking on the next phase of exploration to develop the work further as one that investigates the role of the composer or the creator, the performer and the viewer/audience.


I. A 20-min performance followed by a 20-min presentation detailing the process and development of the work Seed

II. A sound installation piece of Seed that runs throughout the festival

An installation performance is executed solo by Mervin via an octophonic sound system using eight speakers in a circle. This circle should be relatively large with a diameter of 6m. The audience is invited to be within the circle to experience the performance.

A stand-alone sound installation version of Seed can function as it’s own piece where viewers can wander into this sonic landscape and take part in it, or appreciate it. This stand-alone version may be scaled down to a quadrophonic system with subwoofer if needed.

Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 00.28.40.png


X8 PA speakers on stands
X8 8m XLR to XLR cables
X1 12 or 15” Subwoofer
X1 Table (about 1m by 0.6m, with a black cloth cover)

Approximately 120 mins of setup time needed to set installation in place.