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Soundbites: Man & Machine - Mervin X Chris

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Christopher Clarke
Music to a Talking Robot

Christopher Clarke & Mervin Wong
Tessellations  A piece involving live coding and sonic tessellations

Mervin Wong
Sieve This

Christopher Clarke & Mervin Wong
Mangle – A piece involving both man and machine

Man & Machine is a collaboration between Christopher Clarke & Mervin Wong that features works that explore the relationships, dualities and possibilities of man and machine. This eccentric collection features 4 different works by Christopher, Mervin, or both. Music to a Talking Robot explores a robot’s existential dilemma , Tessellations is a work that involves live coding to produce sonic material, which is then tessellated and improvised upon. Sieve This is a sonic sieve that decides the overall structure of the work live. Mangle is a piece involving the mangling and daisy chaining of sound generators, synths, and human input.