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ENTER THE VOID by Theemptybluesky (Mervin Wong)
Feat. Jingyun Ng, Laura Peh, Gildon Choo

I. Dancing in the Woods
II. Temple
III. Dragon Vein
IV. Stream

Enter the Void is an electro-acoustic reflection on a series of art and artists featured by The Culture Story in their exhibit: The Unbearable Lightness of Being (2017). A void into which sound unfolds and unravels. Artists tell stories with their art, similarly, the world of sound brings a dimension of listening, and metaphorical feeling to expression. Through this reflective piece, a temporal relationship is explored between art, sound, and live musicians. This creative process brings about a narrative strung by the piece in four parts, which allows the listener to discover unto himself, and enter the void.

We enter the enchanted woods
Led by the playful creatures
All around the flora and fauna  dance vividly.
The woods itself shimmering with vitality.

As we come to  a clearing,
A vast monolithic structure stands strong
Massive yet breath-taking and majestic
Gazing at its immensity, we set foot inside.

The air was heavy and tight
Our gaze was directed to a far end
There in this gargantuan monolith lay a dragon
It lay asleep, its body pulsating with glows.

We stepped closer,
Behind the dragon was a doorway
Grand but simple with grace. Beyond its frame,
Lay an ever flowing stream, decaying, but eternal.

A journey in 4 parts

  1. Dancing in the Woods
  2. Temple
  3. Dragon Vein
  4. Stream

Description of process:

  1. Crafting of a sonic journey through these pieces, this will form the backdrop from which
  2. The musicians will play and generate spontaneous material which will
  3. Then be manipulated again to create textures within the sonic backdrop.
  4. The final step, is to re-create in an electro-acoustic manner this sonic narrative live in a performance on top of this layered sonic backdrop

The Culture Story
The Unbearable Lightness of Being (2017)
An exhibit by The Culture Story

Wong Keen, Dancing in the Woods , 2015, Acrylic on rice paper, 137 x 183cm
Augusto Albor, Temple , 2017, Plexiglass and aluminium plate, 152.4 x 101.6cm
Jolly Koh, “Urat Naga” (Dragon Vein) 2017, Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, 2017, 152cm x 176cm
Shi Jindian, Stream , 2013, Stainless steel wire and charcoal, 120 x 200 x 5cm