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Catch original music composed by Theemptybluesky (Mervin Wong) in Albert Tiong’s piece.

(Details and synopsis from Esplanade’s website at this link)

22 – 24 Feb 2019
Fri & Sat: 8pm, Sun: 3pm
2hrs (including 20min intermission)
Esplanade Theatre Studio

Prime numbers—random, unpredictable and aimless. Or are they?

That Which Cannot Be Divided is an Esplanade commissioned dance presentation that explores the mystery of prime numbers and their relation to life. Featuring two former members of Taiwan’s distinguished Cloud Gate Dance Theatre—renowned choreographers Bulareyaung Pagarlava from Taiwan and Albert Tiong from Singapore— the dance double-bill showcases two diverse works full of boundless possibilities.

At first glance, the distribution of prime numbers may seem aimless and haphazard. However, on closer look, the way prime numbers are distributed could be guided by patterns and structured by theories. Is this a reflection of the world we live in? Amidst chaos, we constantly seek clarity, show resilience, and pursue harmony and contentment. Similarly, in the language of dance, one often finds resolution in chaos.