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States of Mind

I.    A Tea Ceremony
II.    Veil Beneath a Veil
III.    Two Same Sides of a Different Coin
IV.    Time is a Witness

by Theemptybluesky (Mervin Wong)


I am pleased to share with you States of Mind, A compendium of sounds extracted from the viola producing these States of Mind, it is a piece of sonic art that seeks to reflect upon the world through the lens of Theemptybluesky. We trek through the various faucets of the human condition, the things which make us human, and just the things which make up our lives. 

States of Mind is currently in its very infant phase, it is ultimately envisioned as a project that involves a intricate collaboration between the concepts and sonic pieces of Theemptybluesky, vs. it’s interpretation by film maker Clare Chong, produced by Jingyun Ng. (Release date TBC)

We begin with A Tea Ceremony, which explores into the rituals and ceremonies surrounding ayahuasca, the cleansing of the self, the mind, and the ego. Why do we seek escape, or release, especially in the context of today’s hectic world?  

Veil Beneath a Veil  – We have many different ‘veils’, or defences put up by our own psyche, sometimes even so that we hide from ourselves, unaware.

Two Same Sides of a Different Coin – If only all could be so simple, what is our true raison d'être? I’ve noticed firsthand how two different people could be all so similar in their beliefs and values, yet what they were reaching for was all vastly different.

Time is a Witness – When all but only time is a witness to it all. 

These ideas may appear cryptic on its surface, because they each relate deeply to events or people I have encountered in my life. At this point I am at a place where I am unable to be able to openly describe the events surrounding these ’states of mind’, hence I’ve penned them down into compositions, or sonic art pieces.

“An eternity, to feel only as if a passing moment in time.”